Saturday, November 28, 2015

DuPage County is committed to saving energy

What makes DuPage cool?   Outstanding forest preserves, amazing bike trails, a world-class arboretum and now, leaders working together on clean and efficient use of energy.

In 2013, DuPage County upped its commitment to the environment and a stronger economy by committing to the Cool County initiative.  As a Cool County, DuPage has set a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 10% by 2020 and 20% by 2030.

Cool DuPage is inviting all DuPage communities to participate in its clean energy initiatives.  Participating communities are offered technical assistance to help them achieve their carbon pollution reduction goals.

Energy efficiency and clean energy projects have a proven track record of saving money and creating jobs.  As DuPage grows cooler, everyone benefits from cleaner air, reduced energy costs and a stronger and more resilient economy.

Mayors working together with the County for cleaner energy will make DuPage a truly cool place for its residents to live and work.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The value of a professional home energy assessment

Every existing home should have an energy assessment.  

Here’s why:
Technician performs blower door testing
  • Many homes have excessive air leakage and drafts leading to discomfort, wasted energy, and higher bills.  And surprisingly, some homes are too airtight, causing potential indoor air quality issues.
  • Most homes in DuPage have considerable air leakage well in excess of modern building standards, and do not have adequate insulation  for our climate.
  • About 30 percent of the homes in the area have improperly vented bath vents, causing excessive moisture and potential mold in the attic.
  • A professional assessment includes a check for natural gas leaks and possible “backdrafting” of appliances that causes spillage of exhaust gases into the home.
Please note that every home can be unique.  Prioritizing weatherization projects that are effective is difficult without a professional review of what is actually happening using a blower door test.

The bottom line:  Addressing residential energy efficiency is good for health, comfort, safety – protecting you and your family.  It also promotes better air quality by using less fossil fuels, and - not surprisingly - it saves money.

ACTION STEP:  Make use of the Energy Impact Illinois program.  If you live in DuPage County outside of Naperville, call SCARCE today at (630) 945-9710.
Additional information:  Energy Impact Illinois