Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Village update

They are harvesting more than corn in Indiana (see photo). But what are we doing in Glen Ellyn? Since our presentation to the Village Board at the end of October, the Village reports that it will have continued U.S. EPA support to help develop a baseline carbon emission inventory. EPA plans to have a new intern on Board in early January to provide labor and resources to finish the job. Once the inventory is done, the Village will have a "better handle on where we stand." As the Coalition would like to see it, that means finding the low hanging fruit for energy savings in our Village. Glen Ellyn is also discussing with College of DuPage how to find a potential intern who could do the internal staff work needed for a Cool Cities initiative. COD itself has an energy managemnt plan, and offers a degree in facility management. The Village shows signs of having an interest in becoming a Cool City, but due to serious budget and staff limitations, it is taking a cautious approach. That suggests we need to continue to develop community support and programs that will lead to a lasting effort to become a Cool City and to implement meaningful programs thereafter. The Chamber of Commerce supports the effort, and we will be seeking more public support. As with any public issue, a committed and informed citizenry is vital.

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