Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Energy Star rebates now available in Illinois

You can now purchase Energy Star appliances and obtain a rebates through the newly-launched Illinois Energy Star rebate program. During February, rebates are available through contractors for qualified water heaters, heating and cooling equipment. For the period of April 16-25, 2010, rebates are available for Energy Star dishwashers, refrigerators, and freezers.

Energy Star appliances are available through two participating downtown Glen Ellyn businesses - Young's Appliances and Soukup's Hardware. They may not be on display at Soukup's, but you can order them for fast delivery. See
Young's focuses on the higher-end models. See

Remember, to reduce your carbon footprint, you do not want to keep the old fridge! ComEd has a program for taking your clunker away for responsible disposal, and as long as funding lasts, it will pay you $25. For details see

For more details on the rebate program, see

There is so much talk of changing lightbulbs and other "easy to be green" hints, but for greater impact, start with household appliances and heating equipment.

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