Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ten Thousand Villages Saves Energy

In keeping with its socially conscious values and a desire to reduce its environmental impact, Ten Thousand Villages in Glen Ellyn makes extensive use of compact fluorescent lighting (CFLs) in its store. The retail space is brightly and cheerfully lit, with a warm ambiance. This shows that CFL lighting in a retail setting need not look cold. It is essential to select bulbs with the best "color temperature" for the application. These CFL spots, which look much the same as incandescent bulbs, save the business money over time due to lower wattage requirements. CFLs are particularly well-suited in retail applications where lights are left on for long hours. The longer life of the bulbs also means less time climbing ladders to perform maintenance chores. The use of CFLs not only reduces operating costs, but reduces energy consumption for both air conditioning and lighting in the warmer months, leading to a dramatic reduction in the store's carbon footprint.

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