Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Blind Spot" film review

The "Just Views" discussion group viewing of the "Blind Spot" found the film to be depressing, and reacted strongly to it. For an hour and a half, we saw a series of interviews of experts who opined about how America (and the world for that matter) is heading for an economic train wreck because we refuse to conserve oil. No one fully disagreed with the basic premise of the film that the era of cheap oil is ending, but we expected some discussion in the film about needed solutions to the problem. We stayed until late into the evening hours hashing out solutions of our own. Some of us wanted to nibble at the edges, while others wanted to discuss how social communities can restructure themselves in fundamental ways. At least we started some dialog. Imagine a community like Glen Ellyn facing $10 per gallon gasoline. Such a scenario would cause huge economic headaches, but the clouds may have a silver lining. If fuel costs are high enough, the world economy would contract, but local economies might step up. This suggests a vital role for Glen Ellyn's business district as it adapts to provide essential goods and services that it does not provide now.

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