Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is it getting hotter in Glen Ellyn?

Is it getting hotter?  In a word, "yes," but the heat predicted for this week is by no means a record.  There is a strong history of heat waves in the Midwest.  NOAA has an interesting analysis at 

It may be getting stormier also; at least precipitation is on the increase.  Last week's derecho windstorm that pummeled the Chicago region, like the current heat wave, has had precedent.  Still, there is concern that violent storms are becoming more common.  A recent  survey suggests Americans have noticed this, and are becoming more concerned. See

We seem to have more heat and humidity in northern Illinois, which can trigger heavier rains; but we must be aware that these ingedients alone do not create severe weather.  We also need  atmospheric instability and other complex factors, which may or may not be influenced by climate change.  There is one thing we can be sure of - as the heat indices approach 110 degrees this week, we can appreciate the value of a strong and healthy urban forest.  Without shelter from the sun, it feels like an oven outside.

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