Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A warning from the International Energy Agency

Things seem relatively safe and secure in Glen Ellyn, but we should be mindful of the recent warning from the International Energy Agency.  Climate change will hit us hard if we ignore it.  There are things people can do as political activists that can make a difference.  The focus of this blog, however, is local as we look to maintain and enhance Glen Ellyn as a desirable community.

Some positive things we can do now include working with new ComEd and Nicor energy efficiency programs, and buying green power.  Due to recent changes in Illinois law, we can now sign up for alternative sources of electricity.  Take note of the flyers arriving in your mail box.  Meanwhile, many communities are signing up for the community aggregation of electricity.  Oak Park recently took the bold step of voting to buy 100 percent green electricity on a city-wide basis.  Yes, Oak Park is doing it without paying an extra cent, but the most compeling reason relates to what the IEA and others are saying about our future.  There is nothing hold us back from acting locally in a powerful way, except us!

More posts to come about how this will work. Stay tuned.

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