Sunday, February 26, 2012

Village News

Did you see the Glen Ellyn Newsletter in your mailbox this week?  For environmental concerns this newsletter is particularly noteworthy.  This post summarizes below some important news and developments that appear in the newsletter.

The Village is supporting the Home Energy Savings Program sponsored by ComEd and Nicor.  This includes a deeply discounted energy audit, free installation of energy saving products, and an assessment report that single-family homeowners can use to make further improvements at reduced cost.  Not every community in northeast Illinois has a program like this.  Glen Ellyn is fortunate to be among the chosen few.

Clean Sweep is happening again this April.  This event allows you to clean out your home and garage and put stuff on the curb without stickers.  What's good about this is that it is a form of "freecycling" on steroids.  Much of it does not end up in the landfill, as "treasures" are snapped up by residents and nonresidents alike.

Prairie Path and Great Western Trail cleanups are scheduled for April 28.  The recycling extravaganza and electronics recycling are also scheduled for the same day.  See for details.

Inappropriate mulching of parkway trees is now illegal.  No more "volcano" mulching!  Sadly, lawn care companies often not know how to properly mulch trees.  This is important since we need healthy trees for shading that reduces summer energy demands and promotes personal comfort on those hot humid days.

A building permit is now required for projects involving more than 100 square feet of paving.  This is intended to protect neighbors from excessive urban flooding.

The emerald ash borer is now established in Glen Ellyn. The Village is warning us that any elm trees not treated for the borer will die in the near future.  The good news is that treatments are not that expensive.

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