Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 Illinois Solar Tour Highlights

The Illinois Solar Tour is organized annually by the Illinois Solar Association.  This free event allows residents an opportunity to open their homes for public viewing of solar vewing up close.  Homeowners and small businesses participate.  It is always enjoyable to see what others are doing, and to share ideas for conserving energy and generating clean energy on site.

Site #1 - the Van Loan home in Naperville

This home features an 8.92 kW rooftop solar array.  Since installing this May, it has already produced more than 6,000 kW-hours, which is about half of what a typical home uses in an entire year.

Site #2 - the Armstrong home in Naperville

This home was designed with passive solar features to maximize the benefit of the sun, and has a green roof along with a photo-voltaic solar panels.  Beneficial landscaping, much of it native and with edible fruits, helps shade the home in the summer.

Site #3 - Brighton Car Wash, Naperville

Jason Morin, co-owner of Brighton Car Wash on 75th Street, enthusiastically explains the operation of hot water tubes mounted on the roof.  Solar energy has saved this small business thousands of dollars, and allows him to use hot water to wash cars with less detergent, providing his customers with a superior service.


  1. The Solar Tour was a great event. I visited the home of Jan Smith in Carol Stream where Brian Brown, of Eco Sun Inc. talked about the installation. I learned a lot about the cost, pay back and how EcoSun monitors the system via the internet.

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  3. This event is happening again! Please visit or contact me directly for info