Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Final community survey results

In a couple of social and informative events in Glen Ellyn this Spring, we gathered information about the environmental concerns of those present.  This was not a professional survey by any means, but we learned that there is an overarching concern: we care most about our families, our communities, and the general health of the environment that supports us.

When asked about what we need to do for our communities, these are some of the specific concerns in order of popularity:

  • Sustainable food, using native plants, and gardening
  • Lawn care, pesticide use, and urban trees
  • Transportation planning
  • Public education and advocacy
  • Community sustainability planning
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Use of renewable energy
When asked what we need to do to address climate change, opinions varied widely.  Although harder to summarize as bullets, ideas included:

  • Education and advocacy (in various forms)
  • Using renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency

This includes input from the residents of Glen Ellyn and surrounding communities, and includes environmental activists as well as interested citizens.   Environmental groups and municipalities in DuPage County should find this summary useful for planning purposes.  We believe there is community interest and support for doing more than what we are now doing.'

Thanks to Bonnie Gahris for summarizing the results, which will soon appear in detail in a full report.

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