Monday, February 10, 2014

Detailed Community Survey Results

We enjoyed a good response to the survey.  Heartfelt thanks to those who responded.

Most of the responses came from Glen Ellyn residents.  Results show the strongest interests were in energy savings/conservation, alternative energy, and parks/open space.

Everyone thought that Glen Ellyn would “definitely” or “probably” benefit from an environmental advocacy group, and that it should focus on a variety of activities, but most strongly, it should promote opportunities for a “greener” Glen Ellyn by involving both citizens and local businesses.

What should this group be named?  The most popular response is the name “Glen Ellyn Sustainability Group.”
Next steps should be to adopt the name and start doing some work.  First on the agenda is an Earth Day Festival at the Glen Ellyn boathouse.  The Park District has graciously offered us the room.

Detailed Results:

1.  In what city do you live?
Glen Ellyn – 26
Other – 10

2.  What are your strongest interests pertaining to the environment?
Gardening/landscaping – 44 %
Historic character of the Village – 36 %
Organic and local foods – 47 %
Energy savings and conservation – 72 %
Recycling – 58 %
Alternative energy – 64 %
Parks and open space – 64 %
Local economy – 33 %
Other – 11 %


-          Composting
-          public transportation, biking, walking, preserve local farms
-          all inclusive
-          conservation
-          preserving the planet for future generations

3.  Would Glen Ellyn benefit from an environmental advocacy group?
Definitely – 58 %
Probably – 42 %
Skeptical – 0 %


-          I think some environmental concerns have been overlooked here and need advocacy
-          Would depend on the support from current Village Trustees

4.  What would a local environmental group do?

Promote opportunities for a greener Glen Ellyn – 89 %
Collaborate with existing groups inside and outside of Glen Ellyn – 81 %
Provide networking and educational opportunities – 83 %
Promote citizen and local business involvement – 89 %
Lobby local government officials – 81 %


-         DuPage Coffee House and local Green Drinks groups and Sierra Club and Just Views and libraries and other environmental groups
-          Sierra Club, bike federation
-          Local and national environmental groups
-          Other local and regional groups
-          the Environmental Commission, Village Board, Plan Commission
-          Morton Arboretum, Forest Preserve, Sierra Club
-          Historical Society, Rotary, Town Council, other eco-groups in other communities
-          LWV, Sierra Club, Lion's, Rotary, Women's Clubs, Church groups, Chamber, etc....but isn't  Jeff Gahris already a local environmental group? Ha ha!
-          GE Environmental Commission, RPG Group of Sierra Club
-          Sierra Club
-          Chamber, Village Board

5.  What suggestions do you have for a name for this group?
Glen Ellyn Cool – 0 %
Glen Ellyn Green – 18 %
Glen Ellyn Green Group – 6 %
Glen Ellyn Environmental Network – 27 %
Glen Ellyn for a Sustainable Economy – 9 %
Glen Ellyn Sustainability Group – 30 %
Citizens for a Green Glen Ellyn – 9 %


-          Glen Ellyn’s Future
-          Glen Ellyn for a Sustainable Economy and Environment
-          GE GreenEnvironment
-          "Green" is overused and "greenwashing" is rampant
-          Citizens for a Sustainable Glen Ellyn (C4ASG)

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