Thursday, April 2, 2015

Eco-Crazy April is under way

Welcome to Glen Ellyn's Earth Month.  The previous post summarizes a wide array of events for you to participate in meaningful environmental activities that support of your values for your family, the earth, and your community.  Facebook "likes" is not enough anymore.  April has traditionally been the time when we come out of out winter cocoons and renew our commitment.

Again, we are supporting the Glen Ellyn Park District in its unique and special Earth Day Festival at the Lake Ellyn Boat House on Wednesday, April 22nd.  This year will be different, and we urge you attend.

More politically-minded folks (honestly, that should be all of us) will be traveling to Springfield for a day of lobbying. It is considered to be an impactful and enjoyable way to engage our elected leadership, especially during this watershed year for energy policy. They enjoy receiving feedback from constituents.  Otherwise, there will be plenty of opportunities to be engaged this month.  For example, there will be several workshops on residential energy efficiency. Pick one and go!  We all need to "walk our talk" as we are able, and these workshops will be fun and engaging. Plenty of outdoor activities as well.  Stay tuned!

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